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Hello V and W class parents,

Welcome to my blog!  This is my first try at doing a class blog, so it may take me a bit to become proficient. I decided to establish this blog to keep parents up to date with what is happening with their children.  I plan to update it once a month or so and will have sections for preschool, Literacy Place, Aim High and Hi Kids classes.  I plan to post pictures of the class room and the children as well.

Preschool My theme for the year in preschool is “The World Around Me.”  I hope that in the upcoming months we will learn about many things in our world.  We have an ongoing countries and flags of the world project, where the kids learn about one new country each week and then color its flag.  We vote for the best colored flag and it goes up in the classroom.  For every country we learn how it relates to Korea in size, population and location.  We physically locate Korea and the new country on the world map and go from there.  The children are really enjoying this project.  Other topics I hope to cover before the year’s end include (but are not limited to) dinosaurs, space, insects, and holidays.

In preschool this month we have been studying community.  We will begin a three week study of summer and things related to summer, including a unit on ocean animals.  We will be learning about a number of plants and animals, and will put together a mural of ocean plants and animals.  (If you haven’t been in or seen the classrooms recently there are small rain forest murals in both classrooms as well as an African savanah mural in W, which is not in V because of space. All the students read books written and illustrated by Jan Brett–one set in Botswanna and one set in the Brazilian rain forest–and worked on the mural or on coloring animals downloaded from the Jan Brett web site.)  THe children really love learning about the animals.

In Literacy Place this month we are studing habitats for science.  We just finished fresh water habitats and coincidentally will be styding ocean habitats at the same time as the preschool classes. They will join in on work on the mural.  In English they have just written poems about summer, and I am really pleased with the results.  In reading we are doing a story about a little Mexican American boy who loses a press-on mustache that he shouldn’t have taken.  Our vocabulary words this month come from this story and include a few Spanish words as well as English.  (Of course the English words are the focus!)  We are finishing up ”Mummies in the Morning” from our Magic Treehouse series.  The children have learned about Ancient Egypt and a bit about their writing system of hieroglyphics.  They are really enjoying this series, and it has been fun for me as well.  We are still working on how to write a book review, and will be writing a new one in the next couple of weeks.

In Aim High we are finishing a unit about studying and book reviews.   We did a literature unit previously and now we are heading into a unit about music.  This second book, Freshman two has been a bit easier than the first.  It takes time as well to adjust to the Aim High program after the much less difficult pre Aim High.  The girls are doing a great job.  I am always suprised at how well they can read and speak!  Still Aim High is a very difficult course, where they have to learn between 85 and 100 new vocabulary words per unit.  The outside reading this unit was “Matilda,” a story about a very special little girl who can move things with her eyes.  They really seemed to enjoy reading it.  The upcoming reading is on the Beatles, to go along with the music unit.  This should be a fun unit since the girls all play at least one instrument each.

In Hi Kids, the topic this month is “At the shopping mall.”  The children are learning future tenses and opposites while learning the vocabulary that will help them if they go shopping in English speaking stores.  They learn their new language so quickly that it is a challange for me to keep up with them.  I really enjoy supplementing the basics supplied by the text.  Their reading is prgressing as well, and the material gets more and more difficult.  Next month we will be reviewing Hi Kids 2 in preparation for leveling up to Hi Kids 3.  I have been teaching this class since my first day at SLP over a year ago, and I cannot believe how far these kids have come.  I can remember when they could barely speak a word of English and now they are having conversations.

I feel honored to teach all your children.  I really do love them.  If you have any suggestions or want to leave feedback please feel free.  There is a section at the bottom of this message to leave a reply.  Feel free as well to observe your child in class from the viewing rooms next to the reception area. 


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